Want a custom piece of Lauren Boisvert's artwork?

Commissions are open to request your own piece of art.

Email requests to lauren@laurenboisvert.com with the following criteria...

Project Name:

Scale of Piece: For example: 16"x24" on canvas or 4"x5" on paper

Medium: Oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, etc.

Timeline: When needed

Budget: What you are looking to spend on this project

Reference Images: If applicable attach reference images to email

Lauren will respond to you in 1-2 Business Days to get the project started!

I can't wait to work with you on your project! xoxo, Lauren



Want a sun, rising, and moon zodiac sign custom painting? Email lauren@laurenboisvert.com


Pricing varies on size preference include your budget in your email to Lauren!

Don't know your sun, rising, or moon sign? No problem, grab your birth certificate and Lauren can help you out! 


Lauren (Virgo Sun, Aquarius Rising, and Taurus Moon)

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